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August 21, 2021 - Dean Abbey Scores Southern Oklahoma Speedway Triumph
ARDMORE, Okla. (08/21/21) - Dean Abbey raced to his fourth DFW Crate Late Model Series win of the season on Saturday night with a $1,200 triumph at Southern Oklahoma Speedway.

Dean Abbey started third and showed dominant enforcement early taking the lead in the first few laps. A late race caution with four lapsto go bunched the field back up and gave Dustin Woods a last minute run to challenge for the lead, and Robbie Starnes a late chance to advance after starting deep in the field, but it was Abbey holding the position and taking home the win. Dustin Woods finished second, “Little” Robbie Starnes third, Robert McCuthen fourth and John Gober rounding out the top five!

A HUGE thank you to John and Nicky Webb at Southern Oklahoma Speedway for an amazing track and facility for hosting us. Also to the drivers, crew members and fans for the support to do what we love.

Most of all the biggest THANK YOU to our series sponsors and added money:
Joe Sheddan Excavation
Jambo BBQ pits
Dons Auto Care
Platinum Collision
Honeycutt Sand and Gravel
Superior Glass and Mirror
A.B.E.L Truck and Trailer Sales
Buckmyer Motorsports

September 5th we will be going topless at the bullring, RPM Speedway in Crandall Texas for the Ronnie Sigman Memorial with some huge details on purse to come in the next few days!!!

Kevin Ramey and Dustin Woods split the night's heat races.

DFW Local Late Models
Southern Oklahoma Speedway
(Ardmore, Okla.)
August 21, 2021

A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 26-Dean Abbey[3]; 2. 55-Dustin Woods[8]; 3. 25-"Little" Robbie Starnes[9]; 4. 40-Robert McCutcheon[16]; 5. 14E-John Gober[5]; 6. 47-Tom Earl III[2]; 7. 7M-Dylan Ramey[12]; 8. 53-Anthony Boatman[10]; 9. 11J-Justin Radcliff[1]; 10. 33-Steven Hawkins[11]; 11. 811-Brent Gilliam[14]; 12. 77-John Somers[15]; 13. MC20-Bobby McGehee Jr[4]; 14. 25D-Donnie Shipp[7]; 15. 44-Demetrius Carter[13]; 16. (DQ) 00J-Joe Sheddan[6]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 11J-Justin Radcliff[2]; 2. MC20-Bobby McGehee Jr[3]; 3. 00J-Joe Sheddan[7]; 4. 25D-Donnie Shipp[5]; 5. 25-"Little" Robbie Starnes[6]; 6. 33-Steven Hawkins[4]; 7. 77-John Somers[8]; 8. 44-Demetrius Carter[1]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 26-Dean Abbey[1]; 2. 14E-John Gober[3]; 3. 47-Tom Earl III[5]; 4. 55-Dustin Woods[4]; 5. 53-Anthony Boatman[6]; 6. 7M-Dylan Ramey[7]; 7. 40-Robert McCutcheon[8]; 8. 811-Brent Gilliam[2]